Pinedale County Water District

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Pinedale Country Water District (PCWD) was formed in 1954 and provides water to rural residents in Fresno County. The PCWD service area encompasses nearly 1,270 acres or 2 square miles, in both the City of Fresno and unincorporated Fresno County. PCWD provides water to 2,400 residential and 550 commercial accounts. PCWD delivers water through wells dispersed across the district. Presently, demands only require the district to run three wells of the five wells; the other two are on standby. PCWD does have other wells; however, these wells are currently offline because of trichloroethylene contamination. As undeveloped lands within the district urbanize one of the standby wells will serve as the water source for the added demand.

Message From the President

On behalf of and the Board of Directors, we are honored to serve as your elected representatives to the Pinedale County Water District. We believe we have a public responsibility to preserve the region's resources and set industry standards for the manner in which water and wastewater utilities conduct themselves.

PCWD places a high emphasis on customer communications and this is why we have made a conscientious effort to develop a website for our customers that is useful and informative. We hope you find the information at our site valuable and we encourage you to visit us often online.