Pinedale County Water District

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Conserve Today for a Better Tomorrow

Water Use Efficiency Best Practices
• No hosing of paved surfaces, unless required for health and safety reasons and only when using a water broom or water efficient pressure washer
• Use a shutoff hose nozzle on all hoses
• If decorative fountains are used, they must have a recirculating water system
• Repair all leaks immediately
• Ensure there is no sprinkler overspray or runoff
• Restaurants will only serve water to customers upon request
• Hotels are requested to give the guests the option of not having their linens laundered daily

More Conservation Tips
• Only water lawn and plants in the early morning hours to avoid water loss to evaporation and afternoon winds
• Turn off sprinklers on windy and rainy days
• Reduce your weekly watering schedule by one or two days (your landscape's needs may vary)
• Give your automatic water system a "tune up" by fixing broken or misaligned sprinklers
• Replace high water using grass and plants with low water using California Friendly plants
• Only run full loads in the dishwasher and clothes washer
• Do not hand wash vehicles; instead take your car to a commercial car wash that reuses the water onsite