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If you drain your pool, then you wil recieve a $150.00 fine

Attention Homeowners Serviced by

Pinedale County Water District

Draining a swimming pool in the District's boundaries will require a permit.

The cost of the permit will be determined by the size of the pool, in 1000 cubic feet. The first 1000 cubic feet is $19.87 with $6.96 for every 1000 cubic feet thereafter.

A 25,000 gallon pool works out to approximately $36.00 for the permit and will be the permit cost for pools of undetermined size. Customers will only be allowed to drain their pools once every 3 years. If a customer is found draining their pool without a permit a warning will be issued and a fine assessed in the amount of the permit. If the customer is found draining their pool within the 3 years of obtaining a permit, a fine of $150.00 shall be assessed. For more information, please contact the District office.

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